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In this complimentary course (5 days) you will train all the basics of “prophylaxis” – in theory and practice – and can apply them immediately afterwards in the dental practice.

This practical training is carried out by experienced dental hygiene professionals. In this way, they acquire the necessary security in dealing with patients in accordance with the Dentistry Act of Section 1 para. 5.

By participating in the course, you have exclusive access to online learning platforms of the partners of the DTMD (universities, further education academies, industry) – and thus to a large network of “prophylaxis professionals”. In addition, you will receive a practical learning script, which is always a good accompaniment in your everyday life.

The successfully completed course for the PAss – Prophylaxis Assistant is a high-quality degree that is the beginning of your personal advancement.

Admission requirements: Successfully passed the final examination to the dental assistant (ZAH) or dental specialist (ZFA).

Continuing education is worthwhile: an investment in your professional future!

Course dates and registration


26 – 28 April 2021


10 – 12 May 2021


25 – 27 October 2021


22 – 24 November 2021


The following content is adapted by the instructor to the individual needs and the group composition.

Practical content

  • Supragingival instrumentation by ultrasound device on the phantom head model
  • Exercises for supragingival tartar removal with universal scaler and universal curette on the phantom head model
  • Smooth surface polish ingess on the phantom head model
  • Sharpening of scalers, cows, sharp spoons and raspatories

Theoretical content

  • The development of tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Instrument science
  • Patient instruction and patient motivation
  • Oral hygiene aids
  • Procedure of tooth cleaning
  • Fluoride application
  • Dental-healthy diet
  • The different patient groups
  • communication
  • Delegation framework
  • Oral health inspection with anamnesis: Healthy does not start in the mouth
  • The oral hygiene instruction Procedure of a tooth cleaning
  • Communication: Said, meant and then misunderstood; The rules of communication
    PBL – problem-based learning
  • Oral diseases: the path from biofilm to tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Indices: black red on white, patient motivation with the help of indices

Dental-healthy diet

  • Fluorides: View in the Fluoride Jungle
  • Instrument science
  • practical work

Supply groups

  • Small children, big children, adults
  • Silver generation – > Seniors are the future
  • Pregnant woman: fit in the mouth throughout pregnancy
  • The artificial tooth root: care and binding of implant patients
  • Halitosis: It stinks to the sky – > help is approaching
  • Erosions: Detecting and treating
  • Repetition of practical exercises
  • Multiple choice Test


1.250 (+ 3% TVA)

ECTS Points

With the DTMD-certified degree to/from prophylaxis assistant, you acquire 2 ECTS credits, which can be redeemed during further training (e.B.g. to the ZMP or DH) and thus bring a price and time advantage.


After passing the exam and successfully participating, you will receive a certificate from DTMD University, which can also be used to credit your received ECTS.

Teaching times

Monday and Tuesday: 8.30 am – 4.30 pm
Wednesday: 8.30 am – 12.30 pm

Required materials

  • Work clothes (please do not wear street clothes) and closed footwear, goggles
  • Vocabulary for terminology
  • Writing utensils, including a blue and red colored pencil
  • Blunt instruments such as universal scalers, universal cuettes, sharp spoons, raspatories for sharpening
  • Internet-enabled mobile phone, tablet or laptop
  • The physical well-being is to be taken care of by yourself