We will publish more detailed information about the IFZI curriculum here soon.

In order to complement the training programmes IFZI already offers, the curriculum will a significantly higher theoretical content with knowledge transfer via an e-learning platform with a subsequent knowledge review.

In one generation of dentists, dental implantology has evolved from an experimental field of research to an evidence-based standard dental discipline.

Today implantology services are part of the range of treatments offered by every dental practice, either carried out by the practice owner themselves or offered in cooperation with a surgeon in the context of a referral network, with the subsequent prosthetic restoration being performed by the referrer.

It is therefore advisable for every dentist, even those who do not wish to perform surgery themselves and only want to treat their patients with implant-supported dentures, to have implantology training so that they are better able to assess the options and risks of implantology and are able provide patients with more comprehensive information and advice.

The development of the IFZI curriculum will close the gap to the practical application of implantology knowledge. Interested dentists will have the opportunity to translate what they have learned into practical experience within a few days and will then be able to offer implantology services at their practice. And this is what differs our training courses from other training courses that offer similar training over a period of several months and almost a dozen weekend seminars.

When both the phantom training and the e-learning modules have been successfully completed, we move on to the practical part, during which the participants can surgically treat selected patient cases within three days and with up to 20 implants, and in some cases they can perform prosthetic restorations immediately afterwards.

The IFZI curriculum was developed by nationally and internationally recognized instructors who either are practising dentists themselves or teachers at universities. Experienced implantologists accompany the participants throughout the entire training period; small groups and individual supervision provide the framework for an intensive course programme and ensure that prospective implantologists get the maximum personal benefit.

If you are interested and like the look of our concept, we look forward to hearing from you.


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