The implant surgery simulator…

…is specially tailored to your needs as a beginner and allows you to operate in a realistic practice situation and practice the various surgical and prosthetic implantology treatments. As the participant, you are the centre of attention, whether you are the implanting dentist, the first surgical assistant or the sterile second assistant. You will be accompanied by skilled implantologists with several years of experience. We place particular importance on the high practical relevance of our course and the detailed step-by-step hands-on exercises on phantom patients.

The compact basic training course for IFZI-certified implantologists consists of four coordinated modules. The high level of technical and professional expertise enables the courses to be compressed and imparted over two weekends (both Friday and Saturday) in order to optimise your time commitment.

Modules 1 to 3 are aimed at dentists, while module 4 is targeted at both dentists and dental technicians. Based on many years of experience, we can recommend that you involve a trusted dental technician in module 4.

In addition to looking at the tasks of the dentist performing the surgery, we also look at the roles of the sitting and standing surgical assistants. We also provide training on the dental technician’s role in the prosthetic phase.


  • Integration of implantology into everyday practice: Patient selection, requirements, team qualification
  • Introduction to implant surgery and prosthetics: Implant planning, surgical procedure, GBR/GTR, dentist / dental technician cooperation, digital workflow
  • Introduction to the SKY implant system and overview of the various alternatives
  • Demonstration of three-dimensional bone drilling and suturing technique on the phantom
  • Practical exercise on the phantom to perfect the various suturing techniques in the upper and lower jaw, insertion of reduced-diameter implants in the lower jaw



  • Practical implantation in the lower jaw with various different implantation techniques and implant types using the GBR technique
  • Practical implantation in the upper jaw, socket preservation technique, internal sinus lift, reduced-length implants



  • Introduction to the external sinus lift
  • Demonstration of sinus surgery on phantom patients
  • Implantation in the upper jaw with external sinus lift



  • Case-specific implant prosthetics, removable and fixed reconstruction options
  • Dentist / dental technician and surgical assistant cooperation on the phantom
  • Discussion of options in your own cases



The most effective and most economical implantology training!

The combination of basic modules 1 to 4 and special modules 5 A or B and 8 gives you with compact and well-rounded training so that you can successfully implant at your practice.

Over two intensive training days (Friday and Saturday), basic modules 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 teach every dentist the basic knowledge and skills required to start successfully performing surgical and prosthetic implantology work in simple implantations at their own surgery.

The Compact Implantology Training for Beginners gives you a solid and structured introduction with a focus on practical work on the phantom and on your own patients. This significantly reduces the threshold for performing your first independent implant at your own practice.

We involve all your practice team in the training, from the dental assistants through to the dental technician - because implantology is teamwork. The number of participants in this combination of basic and special training modules is limited because offering a high level of knowledge transfer is very important to us.

Smart investment: Reduce your course fee by combining these modules with surgery on your own patients. You can charge the patient for your dental services.




Start your successful implantology career with the basic modules.


Set your criteria for a comprehensive implantology strategy at your practice.

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